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OZDEN YATAGANLI; is a company operating in the agricultural machines & equipment industry.

Constantly follows and puts into practice innovatîons to ensure perfect flow of service in production, it carries on production in a determined manner and with innovations to be able to offer alternative product varieties with new designs with the power it gains from your support.

The products which we manifacture are; Multi purpose thresher and hoppered type multi purpose harvester.

Our Mission;

To fully respond the our customer demands, to manufacture the perfect and high quality products in accordance with our customer requirements as well as with the legal terms and conditions / to make prompt deliveries and in touch with customers machines after sales support period. We realise the above service  according to the philosophy of continuous development in the agricultural machine industry.

Our Vission;

To become a reputable and leading company in the sector that efficiently operates both in the local and foreign markets with the high-quality products it manufactures and its automated modern facilities which meet to customer need.

WE; Have great faith in all our products in the market; Take all sorts of your comments and complaints as a gift. Our company, continuing to manufacturing with the idea of friendly support and customer satisfaction in mind, we would be appreciated very much to see you as client in our community.

Mustafa ÇİMEN